Serving Suggestion

SPAM® Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Golden brown buttered toast, gooey melted cheese, and sizzling SPAM® Bacon — mmm that’s a good sandwich. Now is it just us or is it getting hot in here?


  • 1 x 340g can of SPAM® with Bacon, sliced into 4
  • 2 slices White Bread
  • 1 slice Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 slice Emmental Cheese
  • 14g Mayonnaise


  1. SPREAD Mayonnaise evenly on Bread Slices
  2. HEAT Butter on skillet on medium heat
  3. PLACE a Bread Slice on the skillet, Mayonnaise-side down
  4. PLACE a Cheddar Cheese Slice on top of Sliced Bread
  5. PLACE Fried SPAM® Bacon Slices on top of the cheese
  6. PLACE an Emmental Cheese Slice on top of SPAM® Bacon Slices
  7. TOP with Bread Slice, Mayonnaise-side side facing up
  8. LIGHTLY PRESS with press pan or panini press for about 2 minutes
  9. TURN OVER sandwich with spatula
  10. LIGHTLY PRESS again
  11. SLICE sandwich in half, then serve on a plate

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