Serving Suggestion

SPAM® Battered & Fried

If plain ol’ bread is getting boring, maybe it’s time to shake things up and break it down. Dip SPAM® Cheese in some crumbs for a crispy creation that’s sure to be a fave.


  • 1 x 340g can SPAM® with Cheese , sliced into 8
  • 340g Flour
  • 3 Egg Whites
  • 340g Bread Crumbs (from toasted stale bread)
  • 710ml Oil for deep frying


  1. PREHEAT Oil to 375 F.
  2. COAT SPAM® Cheese Slices in Flour
  3. COAT SPAM® Cheese Slices in Egg Whites
  4. COAT SPAM® Cheese Slices in Breadcrumbs
  5. REPEAT steps 2-4
  6. FRY in hot oil for 3-5 mins or until golden brown

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